Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I have already posted about my confusion with the back raglan decreases. But, here I am again thinking that I am doing something very wrong. I have been following the directions below

1) *4 rows up, bind off 1 stitch, two rows up bind off 1 stitch, and another two rows up bind off 1 stitch.* Repeat these 8 rows (* to *) 5 times. Then, bind off one stitch every other row 9 times (9 bound off over 18 rows).

2) *4 rows up, bind off 1 stitch, then bind off 1 stitch every other row over next 6 rows.* Repeat these 10 rows (* to *) 5 times. Then bind off one stitch every other row 11 times.

3) Bind off one stitch on the 4th row and 1 stitch on the 8th row. Then bind off one stitch every other row 29 times (29 stitches bound off over 58 rows).

4) Bind off one stitch every other row 34 times (34 bound off over 68 rows).

5) err, not sure on this one, but I think it's like this:Row 1: work evenRow 2: bind off 2 stitches each sideRow 3: work evenRow 4: bind off 1 stitches each sideRow 5: work evenRow 6: bind off 1 stitches each sideRow 7: work evenRow 8: bind off 1 stitches each sideRepeat rows 1-8 4 times, then bind off one stitch every other row 20 times. (20 stitches bound off over 40 rows).

Work 3 rows even.

Meanwhile, at ...1) 29 cm (92 rows) 2) 30 cm (96 rows) 3) 31 cm (100 rows) 4) 32 cm (102 rows) 5) 33 cm (106 rows) of godron stitch, form the neckline by binding off the 1)2)3) 12 4)5) 14 center stitches.

Then continue one side at a time, binding off the side of the neckline 4 stitches every other row 2 times.

On the decrease rows I have been k2tog or p2tog at the beginning and end of the row. Should I have been only decreasing at one edge of the row. Because now I have reached bullet number 2 above and do not have enough stitches to follow the directions above. But, my back is now nearly long enough to reach my neck and completing another ~250 rows before reaching the neck can not be correct.

I am clearly missing some step here and need some help in figuring it out. It seems like I should just follow my decreases on every 4th, 2nd, 2nd & 2nd row until I reach the center BO for the neck opening. Then continue decreasing until there are no stitches.

Also, when the pattern says "rows", that means one rib of the godron stitch?



Blogger Marji said...

ah, you are not missing anything.
I made the same mistake intially, which is when I decided to chart it. "bullet #2" is actually the directions for the second size in the size range. When you finish the bind offs for bullet #1, then work however many rows even it calls for, you should be done with your back. Chart it, starting from the neck edge and working down, just to make sure it works, but I think you'll find you're done.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Lara said...

Ahhhhhh. Now I have so much to rip out. Oh, well at least it will be right.

Thanks. It all makes so much sense now.

5:54 PM  

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