Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beginnings of Sleeve Translation

This is a bit of a toughie, and I've had a very long day so forgive any incoherence or typos! Here's what I have so far (this is for the left sleeve WITHOUT the thumbhole):

X --> Cast on 1) 58 2)62 3) 68 4) 72 5) 78 stitches, and knit in cotes fantaisie (see diagram), starting with the 1) 12th 2) 10th 3) 7th 4) 5th 5) 2nd stitch of the diagram.

That's as far as I got before becoming mighty confused. The next line says "Augm. de ch. cote en reconstituant les cotes au fur et a mesure des augm:"

The closest thing to a translation I have is:

"Increase on each side [matching?] the sides as you go along." Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Anyway, the next part is...

1) every 14th row increase 1 stitch three times, end every 16th row increase 1 stitch three times

Rows 1-13 knit in pattern
Rows 14-17 increase one stitch at end of row??]
Repeat rows 1-17 three times?

Seems like that is on the right track. That way you're adding one two-stitch section of ribbing on each side with each increase section. (At least with the smallest size) Perhaps "Augm. de ch. cote en reconstituant les cotes au fur et a mesure des augm." really does just mean that you should do the increases on each side so that you expand the ribbing pattern outward as you go.

Can anyone confirm or correct this?

Anyway, the other sizes would continue: (again remember this is to be done on each side)
2) 10 rows up, add one stitch, then every 12th row add one stitch 7 times
3) add 1 stitch on the 8th and 16th rows, then every 10th row add 1 stitch 8 times
4) every 6th row add 1 stitch 7 times, and every 8th row add 1 stitch 7 times
5) every 6th row add 1 stitch 15 times, and then 8 rows higher add 1 more stitch

Then continue, following the instructions for the left sleeve with thumbhole at the part marked triangle in square.


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