Monday, October 10, 2005

back is finished

Back is finished, and I am very happy with the raglan decreases. I knit one stitch on the edge (for seam) then did ssk at the beg of knit row and k2tog at end of knit row before last knit stitch; and on purl rows: k1, p2tog, purl to 3 st from the end, ssp2tog, k1. Although between the softness of the alpaca, the darkness of the violet and the texture of the godron st I don't think it would have made any diff if I had just k2tog and p2tog.Now, I didn't count rows on the godron before starting the raglan decreases, but instead used my trusty measure tape....probably a dumb idea. I could say that it was to make accomodation for the boobs, but quite frankly they don't need that much accomodation, and I could say it's because I'm tall, but 5'9 isn't That tall. What happened was, I measured lying flat instead of holding up letting it stretch and this stuff stretches. shoulda coulda woulda counted rows, but didn't.And now, moving on to the front, I realize that I have 50 rows of godron before raglan shaping instead of 36. That is going to affect the fantasie pattern no 2. think that I will start the fantasie 14 rows up, leaving plain godron between the cabled ribbing and the diamond.I'm not going to mind the extra length at all, so I'm not ripping. When I hold it up, it feels perfect.


Anonymous abby said...

Looks great. I'd also decided to decrease instead of bind off. Hope to post a photo soon! Good luck.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Ullas garnlek said...

Hej Mia, Urtjusigt! Underbar färg o form! Kul att ses på Jups

4:51 PM  
Blogger Chris Q said...

I like the way this looks with the decreases instead of bind off...will probably try it that way.

6:19 AM  

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