Wednesday, October 12, 2005

To Those Knitting with Merino Style...

Just a note to comment that with Merino Style, on size 5 needles, my stitch gauge is right on, but my row gauge is a bit off, especially on the Godron stitch. I'm knitting the back right now - I added a few extra rows in the first section of ribbing, did the cable section as specified (together they measured 26 cm, as specified). On the Godron section to get to 11 cm I had to knit 44 (rather than 36) rows. Given that that's about 120% of the rows given in the pattern, for the entire Godron section I'm going to knit 120 rather than 100 rows (I'm knitting the 3rd size).

Instead of the section where I'd dec at beg and end of each row, every other row, over 58 rows (for a total of 58 sts), I'll dec over 70 rows as follows:

36 rows, dec every 3rd row at beg and end (-24), and then
34 rows, dec every other row, at beg and end (-34).

So I will have decreased the same number of sts, but over a different number of rows, which reflects the amount my row gauge is off.

Sorry to be so verbose, but thought I might save you Merino Stylers out there some time!

Good luck,

P.S. Still no camera cord recovery, and we're going to a wedding this weekend! Grr. Will probably cave and buy a new one, and will try to post a picture....


Blogger seal said...

huh, odd. i'm using merino style and too long with the number or rows they suggest, not too short.

1:05 PM  

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