Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm a baaaaad KAL:er

You may wonder, why did I join this knit-a-long? Well, it's quite easy to answer that, really. I love the Colchique jumper and it seems to be fun to knit.

Have I started knitting it? Have I bought the intended yarn? The answer is sadly: no.

I've truly enjoyed reading about everyone's progress and looking at the photos of your lovely jumpers. But I know I probably won't even start this project on this side of Christmas, so I'll give in and confess that I'm a bad KAL:er. There are just too many things I want to knit and I think I somehow jinx the intended project by joining KAL:s or declaring that I will finish it within a certain timeframe.

So, thank you everyone, I'm leaving this great KAL! And if I ever try to join any KAL:s again, please remind me that that is a sure way of me not finishing the intended project...

Best wishes to everyone,


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