Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seaming Up!

I finished all the pieces and ready to seam them up now~ however, I don't speak french and can't find a complete translation about the collar and the seaming part (I've asked a friend-of-friend to help out but seems that abbreviation in the French pattern is a big challenge for translation). So, I just try out and hope to figure out how the whole thing will work out (magically =P). Here's some picture of it~~

there are few confusion particularly the shoulder cos I kind of don't know where to stop (or start) when the right sleeve join the front. I stop at the point where the sharp decrease on the sleeve~

And then for the colloar, I tried to squeze all the stitches together around cos the collar piece seems a bit small, even after I blocked all the pieces. Turn out, it seems OK~~However, I'm not sure whether the collar should stop till the beinging of the button band, or before the button band. I tentative seam the collar end at where the button band begin on the left sleeve. Is it right?

A few shots around the collar:

Any second opinion on this will be highly appreciated =) Thank you~~~


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