Saturday, January 07, 2006

How to shape neck line?

Hi all~~I am trying to finish the front piece but having a problem. This is my first sweater project and I have no idea how to shape the neckline. As the pattern reads : 'To form the neckline bind off the center 1)2)3) 10 sts 4)5) 12 sts. Continue knitting one side at a time, binding off at the neckline edge every other row, first binding off 4 sts, next 3 sts, next 2 sts, and lastly, one st.' -- Is that means I have to break the yarn, work on the side right after the bind off, finish one side, and the attach a new set of yarn to complete the other side?

Any kind of suggestions/ helps are highly appreciated!



Blogger Linster said...

Hi! As a colchique veteran, I can tell you that's how you do it. I did it from the right side, bound off in the middle, finished the right side (or what will be the right side when you wear it) and then broke the yarn and continued with the left side, which had until then just stayed on the needle. When you knit the left side, you decrease from the backside of the work instead of front, since it's mirrored. The left side is therefore one row ahead since you decrease immediately after the binding off instead of after one row, but that won't show when you put it together. This may appear strange in reading, but it's quite obvious when you get there.
If I've confused you, please let me know and I'll rephrase. Good luck!

3:46 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Thank you so much linster for your advice, I'm going to try it out~~

11:42 PM  

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