Tuesday, November 15, 2005

sleeves finished

over the weekend I finished knitting the sleeves - what fun that was to knit the top of the left sleeve and watch that corner turn the godron ribs on the button band. So I cast on for the front (I know, I knit the sleeves after the back and before the front, that way I don't end up with ufo's waiting on sleeves), and am finally just about done with the lower portion of the ribbing. After getting this far on it, I've developed a way of counting that rib that keeps me on track without having to watch each stitch - that unrythmic knitting that Mia referred to.

I need to learn to knit continental style so that my knitting goes faster. I'm forever in awe of people like Jessica and Eunny who get so much done - part of it is that they aren't taking the time to throw that yarn over the needle on each stitch. Problem is, I'm always in the middle of too many projects to change the way I knit. need to finish up everything that is in progress, then work on learning to knit differently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did learn how to knit without throwing the yarn over. It does go much faster, is easier & less tiring. You can do it! Mom

12:58 PM  

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