Saturday, October 22, 2005

Final Bits of Pattern, Poorly Translated!



Cast on 7 stitches on a US 5 needle, knit in godron stitch (see stitches used). Place 3 three-row buttonholes 3 stitches from the edge of the work, the first one after 5.5 cm, and the following ones spaced 1) 5.5cm 2) 6cm 3) 6.5cm 4) 7cm 5) 7.5cm. Knit until piece measures 1) 35cm 2) 36cm 3) 37cm 4) 38cm 5) 39cm and cast off loosely.


Cast on 1)2)3) 80 st 4)5) 85 st on US 4 needles. Knit in godron stitch for 15 cm.

I have no idea what this next bit is supposed to mean, although I assume it has something to do with how the collar will be attached... via live stitches, I assume:

Puis faire 1 row endroit sur l'endroit [Then do one row on the right side] et quelques rangs de jersey d'un autre coloris [and some rows of stockinette of another color?], repasser ces rangs de jersey. Il suffira au moment du montage de les detricoter pour retrouver le coloris de base.



(again, this needs a second eye!)

See the finishing methods on pages 2 and 3. (can someone who has the magazine and knows something about finishing techniques take this one? i am totally ignorant of proper finishing, and I imagine all it will take is looking at the diagram and saying "hey that's mattress stitch!" or something...)

The longer side of the sleeves will be attached at the raglan line to the back. [Attach the right sleeve to the front and back [i presume] but leave the left front seam undone.]

Seam the collar, stitch by stitch, to the back of stitches (?) on the right side of the work??
Seam the button allowance piece alongside the left sleeve and the collar, inverting the seam for the other side? Seam the sides and the sleeves with an invisible seam. Reinforce the buttonholes and sew the buttons on.

* * * * * * * *

For my part, I think I'm pretty much done with all the knitting for the sweater, except setting the collar piece up for finishing. As is obvious from the above, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do there. Anyway, as soon as that's figured out, I'll be blocking all my pieces and seaming up!


Anonymous valette said...

It's Valette!
You will fine some explanations in french but with a picture on this link:
This page explane how to sew the collar on the bord of the sweater. This will be made on the right side of the work, yes!
You will seam the button allowance piece alongside the left sleeve and the collar with an invisible sewing and inverting the seam for the part of the collar, that is fold up...

11:10 PM  
Anonymous valette said...

to the link, you must add .htm, excuse me!!!

11:12 PM  
Anonymous valette said...

I've made some pictures of my work, in order to help you to sew the collar.
Look at the french blog!!!
Good Bye!!!

11:17 PM  

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