Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On Yarn (again) and Size Conversion!

Yay! I finally ordered my yarn today! I got 15 balls of Goddess Emanuella in dark charcoal. I have some left over from a previous project, so I can cast on...but the sizing folks in Europe don't use inches, so what makes me think that I'd knit the size 36 because I have a 36" chest? I usually wear a 6 or an 8, so does that mean I'd knit a 40 or a 42? Here's a size conversion chart I found...I haven't cast on yet, but I only bought enough yarn for the 2nd size...I hope it's enough!

For those who are at least through the back or front - does it seem to be true to size or do we need to size up?


Blogger seal said...

I'm also a 36 and am knitting the second size. I've finished the back and when I hold it up to myself, it seems to be ok. It'll definitely be form fitting like the picture but so far I don't have any reason to believe it won't fit. I'll be paying attention to the sleeves diameter, though.

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