Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The four major pieces are complete. The thought of the collar has frozen me in time. Has anyone done it yet? And attached it? The other color bit - if the purpose is to have live stitches, can I just put them on a holder instead? I need help to get over this hump otherwise this sweater will never see the light of day!

UPDATE: The additional button piece - it'll attach to the front along the left arm area, right? As I was working on it it seemed a little long - does it continue up and attach to the collar, too?


Blogger Linster said...

Well done! I think the purpose of the other colour and blocking is to get stitches that will hold for the sewing and not frog while in progress. Putting them on a holder might be less safe? I'm still in the middle of the second sleeve, so I'm really just imagining. :-)
Good luck!

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Sumitra said...

This is very out-of-the-blue,
but does anybody think that she'd like to resell her well-loved copy of Irlandais?
I'm not in a hurry, but still a little desperate to make this , and can't justify buying the whole magazine for one pattern.

Also, try out the wiseneedle.com glossary. I use it to translate all my Phildars. ^_^


10:21 AM  

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