Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Right behind y'all

After finally reaching the godron on the front and the very exciting point fantasie No 2 I discovered that the godron I've made on the back was not the same as in the pattern. I made it 3 stockinette + 3 reverse stockinette instead of 2+2. I realized it would cause problems with the diamond pattern and that it would probably look better with the slightly neater 2+2, so I'm looking forward to reknitting half of the back. A few hours later I misplaced the cable in the first diamond and had to frog 3 cm. Grrr!
ER is great knitting television, not too demanding and you also don't miss out on anything by not looking, but Desperate Housewives really messed things up for me. I knitted too far, had to frog, forgot to decrease... Last night was the last episode of the first season, so those gals won't bother me for a couple of months now.

I'm done with the front now, anyway, but had to frog half of the back, but I'm still having fun. I will start the sleeves as soon as I can. My boyfriend's mom told me that if you knit both sleeves at the same time, on the same needles but with separate skeins, you can be quite sure they will turn out the same. Great idea, well worth a try!


Blogger C. Lindsay-Abaire said...

Yes, I have heard that too, about knitting both sleeves at the same time -- but also as I read the posts about the sleeves there is a slight variation at some point so keep your eyes peeled!

Sorry to hear about all the ripping out. I had to do lots on the back b/c I overlooked some rows in the decrease sets. I love ripping back in a way though, b/c when I don't I feel the mistakes everytime I wear the garment (even though no one can tell, but me, most times)

Good luck!

4:49 PM  
Blogger Linster said...

I tried this knitting both at the same time, but I'm knitting on circular, so I quickly messed everything up, only knitted one and forgot the other, and when I finally had them the same length I had forgotten to do the increases... I ended up doing them one at a time. :-)

5:37 AM  

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