Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Question about shaping the upper left sleeve

I messed up with the whole left sleeve with all the increasing and decreasing so I have to redo the whole thing~sign~this time I'm going to plot out the whole thing on Excel (has anyone do this before?) before I start again. When I study the translation for the upper sleeve, there's something really confusing for me:

Square --> At 11 cm (36 rows) of godron stitch, form the raglan. Bind off 3 stitches on each side of the work, turn the work and cast on 5 stitches at the edge (to form the area where buttons will be sewn). Then continue the raglan**: On the right: bind off at the edge/ On the left: decrease 5 stitches from the edge
On each side:
*4 rows up, bind off 1 st, then every other row bind off 1 st over next 6 rows.* Repeat these 10 rows (* to *) 4 times. Next, bind off one st every other row 8 times (8 st bound off over 16 rows). 56 rows worked.

Is that means I immediate decreasee 5 stitiches right after I cast on that 5 stitches (that doesn't make sense to me tho)? or I should incoporate the 'decrease 5 stitiches from the edge' into the raglan? if so, when should I decrease the 5 sts??

Thanks very much for any kind of help!!


Thank you very much Marji for your very helpful tips!
At last, I finish the left sleeve. Is it look alright to you all??


Blogger Marji said...

bind off exactly as it says. Then, when you turn the work to do the next row, immediately cast on 5 stitches (I found it helpful to put a stitchmarker there at the end of the 5 new stitches). continue the row. to shape the raglan then, you will do the decrease on the right side, as usual, at the edge of your work. You will make the raglan decreases on the left side at the stitch marker, 5 stitches in from the edge. You won't decrease 5 stitches at once, it is just the place where you will be decreaseing for your raglan shaping. As you progress up the sleeve you will see the button band form by actually turning a corner at your decrease line.
Hope this helps

8:09 AM  
Blogger seal said...

I plotted the whole sweater in excel. Each little square was a stitch. I made up my own code for knit, purl, and cables. I made little notes at the end or beginning of rows when something changed (ie the decrease 5, increase 5 bit). It helped to have a visual as I was working through the translation.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Hi Seal,
I'm so gald to hear that others find the excel-plotting method is useful. Although I still mess up a bit even though I plot out the whole thing, but it's much easier to keep tracking that way~~it's time consuming but it's fun to do. It seems that the whole pattern plotted in squares paper is not very popular here. I remember that when I was young, most of my sister's knitting pattern are presented in that way. Mainly because she's not good in English and it's kind of difficult to follow the instruction. As for me, it's just easier to 'de-encipher' the misterious knitting instruction by visualizing it =)

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