Friday, April 07, 2006

thumb translation

I just read the last entry, and felt that I of course have to share the translation I have of the thumb part. Now, my pattern was in dutch, so it is translated from dutch. (Thank you, knitting nederlass!) I hope it's helpful!
Here it is:

Continue to knit all stitches in fantasy rib, except for the 13 thumb sts
that you knit in stockinette.
Decrease on both ends of the marked stitches every second row: 6 times a
simple decrease (slip 1, knit 1, psso on the two stitches before marked
stitch and knit together the 2 stitches that follow the marked stitch.) Then 2 rows up, knittog the purl stitch and the marked stitch.

At 9 cm total length, the edge stitch. Place stitch marker and increase on
both sides. (at the same time steadily forming a rib stitch on the increased


I know I made it my mission to decode those damnable thumb loops, but shortly thereafter sidetracked. First there was Petit Chou to knit for some fortunate craftster swapee, and then it occurred to me that my mother's birthday is in less than 3 weeks and that I had mentally sworn to knit her a Butterfly. progress is sort of halted where you see it. Ugh.