Friday, February 24, 2006

It took two months to go from this:

to this:
The result - eh. I wore it in public and the consensus is it's "big." Particularly the upper arms but I think overall it's too large. I anticipated a close fitting, tightly knit sweater. This ain't it. The yarn I used (KnitPicks merino style) is stretchy. Blocking it made it even bigger. Perhaps not the best choice as a substitute. Maybe it would have worked better if I had used a smaller needles and knit the smallest size. We will never know.

So it'll sit in my closet until I decide what to do with it. Frog and use the yarn for something else if inspiration hits. Find someone larger than me who would like it. Serve as motivation not to get larger myself. I bummed because I really like the style and it was fun to knit. But I don't have the heart to do it again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Every girl should have a Deep V Argyle Vest, and that's why a friend and myself have started the Vestalong! Come join us and knit Eunny's fabulous vest, perfect for any occasion. March 1st is the kick-off date, so make sure to register and get ya stuff until then. See y'all there!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

frogging, just a little this time

Finally, I finished all my knitting for other people, finally, I sat down to finish my front of my Colchique. I had the last little bit of the Fantasie no1 then the Godron part to finish and then I can seam (I knit my back, then my sleeves, now I'm knitting the front). I allotted some time, finished the Fantasie no1, knit up to the center between the 2 diamonds on the Godron, was figuring out what I want to do in that center as I added length to this sweater, when for some reason I decided to check it against the back. WTF??? I forgot the whole last segment of the two left leaning cables in the fantasie no1.
So yesterday, after a cup of coffee to drown my sorrows in, I frogged all the way back to the end of the cables that I'd knit. Now I'm right back to where I started last week! Waaaa. I want to finish this with some time left to wear it this year - isn't gonna happen.
I've pinned what I have together, I've wrapped the sleeve around my arm - I think I'm going to love this sweater. I'm using Inca Alpaca from Classic Elite, and it is soft enough, and fine enough knit on US4's, that the fabric is everything I could want it to be - soft, drapeable, a little springy. (Unlike the USMP of baby cashmerino knit on 3's that I"m ready to frog the whole thing because the fabric is stiff). It is small enough that there is just the right amount of negative ease.
But I don't think I'm going to wear it this year.
I'm committed to knit a Lady Eleanor during the Olympics starting tomorrow - and I do want to start and finish that in the allotted time frame. And by the end of February here Spring is springing. We won't have weather cool enough for a long sleeve alpaca sweater again until November or December.
Anyway, I do plan to finish this baby right after the Olympics, and come next November I'll be all set.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Hi there,

anyone else out there still struggling with this darling? Well, I am, and I'm confused... again ;-)
Edit: Thanks Linster for your help! I am now on my way again. Still wondering if anyone else is with me, though!